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Financial Education Simplified!

Andy’s common sense, layman’s approach makes reading and learning the material easy. I’ve already signed up for the Four Pillars of Investing course and hope to be on my way out of “the rat race!”

~ Andrew K. Wong
Exactly What You Get 
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  • Physical Copy of "The Power of 6"
  • Digital Copy
  • Bonus: Instant Digital Access To "Billionaire Stock Secrets, Which reveals
  • How The Economy Works
  • How the Rich Invest for Cash Flow
  • How to Control Your Exposure & Risk
  • Get clear on what you want in your golden years of retirement.
  • How to get clarity on what you want to have in retirement and the financial statement required to achieve it
  • Why You MUST Learn how cash flows in and out of our household on a monthly basis.
  • The 3 main types of financial blueprints available, and how to chose the best one for you, especially if you'd like to learn how to get paid to buy stocks. 
  • ​Common Pitfalls Based On the source of retirement cashflow and how to Identify the benefits, the risks and...
  • ​Critical questions you must answer to make sure your blueprint can maximize your benefits.
  • What makes Warren Buffet Successful and How You Can Build on His Strategies
  • Compounding: What is it and how can I take advantage of it?
  • How can you make up for lost time? If you haven’t been saving, investing and compounding your money, you may think it’s too late. 
  • Your Completed 5 Year Retirement Blueprint: Examples and Case Studies
  • Getting clear and focused is the first step toward your personal retirement blueprint.
  • ​It's important to understand that the plan is going to change anyway; so start with something rather than nothing. 
What Are People Saying About Andy's Other Books...
Stock Market Cash Flow 459 total amazon reviews...
Best investment book EVER!

This probably one of the best books on investment that I’ve read. What I love most about the author is he shared the basic fundamentals and principles on investing. Since each person will have different financial goals in

Life , he doesn’t tell you what stocks or investments to go into but rather he gives us the tools and education needed in deciding whats best for our own individual needs.

~ PetrosE
Great foundational teaching.

This is about building a real financial understanding and attitude. This not a book about a specific asset strategy.
Enjoy and learn.

~ Bill
Great Introduction to Personal Finance Ideas

The concepts and ideas in this book are for more than the stock market. It applies to such a wide range of subjects that it is shocking, our own personal finance habits, business management, and even the scientific process. It does this by not providing an in-depth view of the stock market and uses examples from other markets and industries to help explain the concepts and ideas. Everyone should have read this book in high school.

~ Nick Patterson
Need a place to start? Start here, with this book.

Excellent for the beginner. I would start here. This book doesn't throw a lot of terms at you to help you figure out what they're saying on CNBC. Rather, Tanner explains what is going on with the market so you can make a better investment decision. The book has many useful concepts. It talks about the three types of cashflow income. It explains what is really an asset and how even debt can be leveraged the right way so that it can become an asset. The heart of the books talks about the four pillars to investing: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, cash flow, and risk management.

~ Celeste Thoms
You control your life

I am grateful for teachers in the Rich Dad Advisor Group! It starts with Your Education, for me, Financial Education. You are responsible for your Life. Start with Rich Dad Poor Dad and continue from there…

~ Joe
Financial Education Simplified!

Andy’s common sense, layman’s approach makes reading and learning the material easy. I’ve already signed up for the Four Pillars of Investing course and hope to be on my way out of “the rat race!”

~ Andrew K. Wong
Best book on stocks I have read

This books expands your context so fast that you can't put it out down. As you read a light bulb goes off to the opportunity that there is to take control of your own paper investments. Andy takes even the most complex terms and concepts and breaks them down so that even a child can understand. This book will teach you to evaluate the strengths of any entity whether it be a government, a company, or even your own personal finances. You will be able to look at a stock chart and have a clear idea of what investors see.

~ Joshua G
Excellent book for beginners.

If you’re just getting started this is a great book to learn basic terms and ideas. The author does an excellent job simplifying concepts. I plan on applying what I just learned and re-reading this book for reinforcement.

~ Lui D.
Great for folks interested in stocks

Love this book. This is the better way to invest in the stock market. I now can talk about the stock market with a lot more confidence.

~ Patrick Johnson
401(k)aos 224 total amazon reviews...
401k insight

Please read and be aware of what’s going on! The blind will lead the blind so open your eyes!!! I am in the financial industry and very glad to have read something like this. I wish I would’ve know about this book earlier .

~ Deon
The truth about 401k!

This was a great read! For many years I disliked 401k and alot of it was because of the lack of control or liquidity I had with my money. I never could explain to people properly why 401K was not a good idea. Finally this book answers all my questions and more. This book will wake you up to the reality of retirement and what you truly need to do now to prepare.

~ Amazon Customer
Great book

This book does a great job of laying out what is wrong w the qualified plan/ 401k system. Andy does a great job describing how these plans really only benefit the financial services industry and the government.

~ Amazon Customer
Shocking, Enlightening & Empowering!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

From the beginning, I always had a bad feeling about my 401(k) plan, but never knew why. I trusted that the government and investment banking system had my best interest at heart... but my gut knew otherwise.

Andy... Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for having the balls to call a duck a duck and for inspiring us to empower ourselves and take control of our financial destiny. Now we can ride the waves of change, rather than clinging to a sinking ship that will eventually descend into a sea of debt and despair.

~ Amazon Customer
Uncovering the hidden truth

This book will open your eyes to big corporations hiding the fees attached to your investments! Just think if they taught this in school,we would be so much farther in our financial education and would keep more of our money. I would recommend this book 100 percent to gain knowledge of the hidden truths.

~ Tazman

Amazing eye opening book. Recomend everyone and i mean everyone to read this, even teens.

~ Erica

I’ve often thought of myself as one with an entrepreneurial spirit but felt like I had nothing to show for it. My investment in investing and the knowledge I have gained not merely from reading but from doing, has put me somewhere most people dare not go. I identified a problem with less than a quarter percent savings rate and realized that won’t do. I took the initiative and learned about cash flow and how to protect my assets. And with that Andy says I am an entrepreneur

~ Caleb Bartholomew
Must Read If You Have a 401K

Excellent book! Lots if information that all 401k investors must know.

~  Angeline Marie
A wake up call about your own financial education.

I have never learned about my 401k plan. I just did what I was told from my employer and what everybody else was doing. Andy explains how, why, and what you need to know about the 401k system, in simple easy to understand explanations. I recommend this book to anyone worried about their retirement plan and why you should educate yourself to take control of your own financial situation.

~ Russell Tapper
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